Most useful Chrome extensions to do Hours of Online works in Seconds

Here, In this blog you are going to know about the most useful extensions that will save your hours of marketing and SEO works or when you are writing a top ranking article for your blog. Basically, extensions are small programs that will add extra functionality to your web browser. For chrome, there are thousands of extensions available which perform a huge variety of functions.

Click on the heading links of extensions name to visit directly to the extensions paths.

 1. Keyword Surfer:

This tool will give you all the data and similar search keywords of your country and globally as well. It also provides the domain estimated traffic of each top ranking page and also shows you the number of exact keywords used on the top ranking pages and much more.

2. SimilarWeb:

It takes all the traffic resources into account during a site analysis. So, you can get more than basic SEO information. It allows you to look much deeper into engagement metrics such as traffic and its resources, time on site, bounce rates and much more. It also allows you to look at the company’s target audience demographic.

3. Mozbar:

It shows you how popular your competitors are by allowing you to run a quick SEO overview on a page that you are on or a page listed in the SERP(search engine results page). It takes a look at on-site content, social media engagement, domain-authority, even-page authority.

4. Redirect Path:

This tool is much more than a just broken link checker. It also helps you to find other technical issues on your site such as, if you run into any errors you will see a red notification and green notifications when you solve the errors. There is a chance that your site could be dropping in ranking due to some redirect issues you have on your site without even knowing that it exists. But, this extension will help you to spot it and fix it.

5. SEO meta in 1 Click:

This extension shows you detail for any websites on any of these categories such as headers for each H1, H2, H3 tags and images such as how many are there on the page, the alt tags and titles and total number of internal and external links and social data such as for the Facebook open graph, twitter information on the page as well.

6. BuzzSumo:

This extension shows you detailed breakdown of how content pieces and topics perform online. This allows you to create real time content strategy or brainstorming content topic ideation and even you can see the most shared content for  the current website. In that way when you are reading some random article around the web, you can choose whether a particular article is good or not.

7. Boomerang:

From the beginning of email marketing, marketers have always wanted to know the perfect time to send their emails to clients so that they can get attention or reply on time. Boomerang allows you to schedule your messages to be sent or returned at a later  date. Even, you can write a message now and send it whenever you need, even if you’re not online.

8. Liner:

If you come across a great piece of content on the web page and PDF files but want to remember a specific line. Liner’s extension will let you save all of your highlights with different colors(Red, Blue, Green or Purple) made across mobile and desktop. By this function you can share highlighted pages instead of sharing the entire article. It keeps you organised, allows you to keep track of all the relevant information in a big article.

9. Ubersuggest:

This tool will let you know the latest SEO data to grow your traffic directly on your Google search results. It shows you the most actionable SEO metrics directly in Google search results and more. You can even search volume and CPC data for your search term right at Google’s search bar.

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