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Why is Virtualization important & how to Install VirtualBox?

In this blog, we will begin with a quick step by step guide to install Virtual Machine and also learn why virtualization is important. 

 Why is virtualization important?

  • By installing a virtual machine you can run a number of operating systems inside your current operating systems such as Windows software, Linux or Mac without affecting their data or anything. 
  • Each operating system you install on a virtual machine has its own resources and functions like a real operating system.
  • Virtualization makes testing and disaster recovery of your multiple OS in a virtual box easier.
  • Your current virtual OS is fully isolated from the host OS.

Installing the VirtualBox process with a quick step by step guide with pictures.

  1. First step is to click on this link that will bring you to this page as shown in the image below. Now, you can see 4 platform packages  under the section of  VirtualBox 6.1.14 platform packages. There you have to choose your current hosting operating system like mine OS is Windows Host (Mac users have to select OS X Host). By selecting and clicking your current OS host, download will start automatically below.

  1. Second step is to start your installation process when you are finished downloading. Which will bring you on that page as shown in the image below. There you have to select the NEXT option and proceed.

  1. Now you are on the third step of custom setup, where you have select the way you want features to be installed. So just leave as it is and click NEXT button and proceed further.

  1. On the fourth step of custom setup, you have  to choose the desired field. By default  all options are selected here. So no need to make any changes, just select the next button and proceed further.

  1. On the fifth step, you are asked to proceed with the installation process. But you can see in the image below that a warning sign is appearing regarding network connections, just avoid this warning sign it is not that important and select YES button and proceed with installation.

  1. On the sixth step you are ready to install by clicking on the install button. In case if you want to make any changes or cancel the process of your installation you can proceed with the back and cancel buttons.  

  • Here the installation process has been started. Wait for a while. 

  • Finally, your installation process has been finished. By default VirtualBox will start automatically when you click on the finish button.

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